TERREMOTO de MANIZALES   Asdecaldas#100180  Chestnut Gelding   8/9/90
Rescate del Ocho (Resorte III) x Maria Luisa (Resorte III)
Terremoto was bred by Javier Giraldo Neira a famous Colombian sports'  journalist, and was born named Principe de la Palmera in Manizales, Colombia at the farm named La Palmera.  Mr. Roberto Escobar Gaviria bought Terremoto as a young colt and changed his name to Terremoto de Manizales.  To date, this is the only horse in the history of the Colombian Paso Fino who  has been allowed a name change. In  1992 the Ochoas used Terremoto at stud in La Loma.  It was there that the horse, caught between warring drug cartel families, was stolen by the terrorist organization known as "Los Pepes" and gelded to hurt his owner, Roberto Escobar, whose brother was the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar.  Terremoto's show career was also then ended as well as his breeding career.  He had defeated in the show ring some outstanding horses such as Francisco el Hombre, Bachue de Palestina, J.R Simbolo, and Postin, and he had sired many champions including : Refuego de la Palmera, Recompensa , the Grand U.S. Champion Hussein, and his full brother who is in Colombia Artesano de Potrerillo; the World Paso Fino Champion of 1999 Vitral, Temblor de Terremoto, and many more.  This terrible tragedy did not dim Mr.  Roberto Escobar Gavieria's love for his magnificent horse who is now living a quiet life at the farm known as Potrerillo.

Resorte II
Resorte III
Rescate del Ocho
Resorte IV
Tempestad  II
Terremoto de Manizales
Resorte II
Resorte III
Maria Luisa

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